comic-con 2014 begins at san diego

Comic-Con 2014 Begins At San Diego

(SAN-DIEGO) – On Saturday, the Comic-Con craze escalated as renowned TV stars, including the cast and panel of Walking Dead, Wayward Pines, Game of Thrones, True blood, Mythbusters, Family Guy, Phineas and Ferb as well as Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock … [Read More...]

scottish singer nina nesbitt performs during a concert

Musicians Shine at the Lucerne Blue Balls Festival

(LUCERNE) - On Friday night, the prestigious Blue Balls Festival was inaugurated with the sizzling concerts of Valerie June (an African-American singer), Nina Nesbitt, Ed Sheeran along with others. The 9-day festival consists of 120 events taking place at … [Read More...]

aaron hernandez might face a murder trail in court

Aaron Hernandez Might Face a Murder Trial in Court

(BOSTON) – On Tuesday 22 July, former NFL player, Aaron Hernandez, is expected back in Bristol County Superior Court in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA, on being charged with the murder of semi-professional American football player, Odin Lloyd. Earlier, on … [Read More...]

yahoo acquires flurry for more than $300m

Yahoo Acquires Flurry For More Than $300M

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Yahoo has continued its search for a better relevance with its recent purchase of a mobile startup company, Flurry, which specializes in analyzing as well as drawing money via mobile applications. Initially, Yahoo did not disclose how … [Read More...]

typhoon rammasun leaves 27 dead in vietnam

Typhoon Rammasun Leaves 27 Dead in Vietnam

(HANOI) - According to Vietnam's National Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control, the typhoon Rammasun has now killed 27 people so far in Vietnam, leaving many injured. It must be mentioned here that the meteorological department of … [Read More...]

chinese president, xi jinping, visits cuba

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, Visits Cuba

(HAVANA) - On Monday, President Xi Jinping of China, arrived in Cuba and was welcomed by Cuban Vice president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, along with his Chinese diplomats. The Chinese president aims to uplift trade as well as political ties with Cuba and other … [Read More...]

june 2014 fires up world record as hottest month

June 2014 Fires up World Record as Hottest Month

(WASHINGTON) – On Monday, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data revealing June 2014 as the hottest month on record since 1880, beating 59.9 degrees average of the 20th century by 1.3 degrees. According to NOAA, the … [Read More...]

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